fakoi-epafis Keratoconous apart from glasses can be treated with the use of various contact lenses. There is no exclusive shape of contact lens that is appropriate for every type or stage of keratoconous

Each patients needs are studied carefully in order to find the proper contact lens that offers the best visual acuity, comfort and health of the cornea. The contact lenses allow for a smooth refractive surface over the cone. The progress in contact lens design and in the materials has increased the percantage of patients with keratoconous that can use contact lenses without any problems. Various types of contact lenses can be used: 

Μαλακοί αεροδιαπερατοί φακοί επαφής με ευρεία διάμετρο (9,7 mm).

Soft lenses with large diameter ~ 9.7mm.

Aspheric lenses for mid range cones

Small tight lenses for mid range cones

Specially designed lenses for oval shaped or anomalous shaped cones in cases where spherical lenses have failed.

Semi-hard aspherical keratoconic shaped lenses

Hard lenses can alse be tried for extremely distorted corneas


Hybrid lenses that combine a hard lens in the centre and a softer lens on the edges, offering comfort for the people that wear them



Technology in the construction of these lenses has really gone far and offers an acceptable long term solution in the eyesight problems of many patients. However it must be stessed that although contacts improve eyesight they do not treat keratoconous. On the contrary, if the lens does not fit well can cause soreness and redness which in turn is allegedly a factor in worsening keratoconous.





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