Eye Clinic Ophthalmological Center is based on the substantial experience of its Doctors in cataract microsurgery, glaucoma procedures and refractive surgery with LASER, as well  as clinical ophthalmology, both in Greece and abroad.

Eye Clinic Ophthalmological Center, based in Athens, is a benchmark both in its technological equipment and the high standards of medical care.

Our sole guide is caring for patients' eyes; armed with their trust and their embracing love, we created one of the biggest, most modern and scientifically complete ophthalmological centers in Greece and Europe.

The goal of our center is to provide high quality ophthalmological care to people of every age in a single space. The heart of our philosophy is to approach each patient as an individual and to welcome him and his family in an organized and friendly environment, with emphasis on the harmonic cooperation between Ophthalmologists of our Center, which leads to the diagnosis and treatment of the most complex disorders.

Our commitment is to always use the most complete equipment and to continually renew it with the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic machines, as well as to choose our scientific and paramedical staff with high specialization standards and also to build trust with you and your family, something that is not gained solely through scientific competence, but is conquered through respect, honesty and commitment..






Τμήμα Αμφιβληστροειδούς και Ωχράς Κηλίδας