Several studies have calculated that 6% to 10% of people among the ages of 65 and 74 years old and 19% to 30% of people above 75 years old have this disorder. As we can see, it is related to the elderly and for this reason it is called age-related macular degeneration.
The macula corresponds to the central part of the retina, i.e. the layer that corresponds to the fundus of the eye. It is evidently the most important part of the retina, the one on which rays fall and form reflections. As we can see, the macula is the most important part of the retina, one that allows at to see sharply.


What is the cause of macular degeneration?

Age-related macular degeneration is caused by many factors. These risk factors may include age, heredity, light-colored iris, smoking, cardiovascular diseases, as well as sunlight. The most important factor is, of course, the aging process.


Symptoms of macular degeneration – Clinical image

Age-related macular degeneration is a disorder whose symptom is the deterioration of our central vision without any other symptoms or pain. A full loss of vision never occurs, since peripheral vision remains.


Our vision stops being sharp; it might even be minimal when we are looking at an object. However, our space orientation remains unharmed, since our peripheral visual field stays normal. In severe cases, nonetheless, we are dealing with a real disability, since our vision is extremely low.

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Forms of macular degeneration

There are two forms of degeneration.The first is the dry or atrophic and involves around 90% of the cases.


The second is the wet form and involves 10% of the patients, but is responsible for 90% of significant loss of vision to patients with degeneration. In that case, there is the possibility for new pathological vessels to be formed under the retina, creating a membrane under the macula that results in a diminishing of vision.

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Macular Degeneration – Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment






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