Monday, 24 February 2014 15:51


Retimax Optical Electrophysiology:

Retimax is the latest device for early glaucoma detection (CSO pending). It performs an objective test, based on the electrophysiology of the eye, useful for the functional assessment of the retinal cells. It is a complete electrophysiological system, capable of performing electroretinography (ERG), with “Flash” and “Flicker” stimulation, Pattern ERG (PERG), visual evoked potentials in occipital lobe “VEP” with “Flash” and “Pattern” stimulation, as well as SWEP ERG, electrooculography “EOG” with automatic operational protocol “Arden Ration”, electronystagmography (ENG). It uses cutting edge technology and is capable of providing statistical data related to the age of patients for ERG, PERG, VEP and EOG, portable dome “Miniganfield” for ERG and VEP, ideal for children or bedridden patients, as well as “Multifocal” ERG, PERG and VEP.

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