Daltonism and Color Blindness

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      Normal Vision                    Vision with Daltonism

Daltonism or Color Blindness is the visual disorder in which the patient cannot distinguish certain colors like green and red.

Daltonism is rarely caused by injuries and in these cases it can be treated. In most cases it is inherited and therefore untreatable.

It is not a severe disorder, but it prevents the patient from exercising certain professions, like wherever red and green signals are used (railway driver, sailor, driver etc.) Quite often the person doesn't even know he suffers from daltonism. Diagnosis is done with reams of colored strands or colored tables. Besides the red and green daltonism there is also the cyan eye disorder (acyanopsia).

Depending on the severity degree, there are various abnormalities:

Chromatic abnormalities, protanomaly (red color), deuteranomaly (green color), tritanomaly (cyan)
Color Blindness, that is total blindness for all colors.
The word daltonism came from Dalton, the English physicist and chemist. He described the disorder, from which he also suffered.

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